Our products are made to order

Apart from our lanyards, pins and some bags, the majority of items in the WAAC merch store are made to order. This means less waste, less storage issues, and that lovely custom feel that comes with each order. This also means time.


How long will it take to get to me?

Depending on the items your purchase, your order may take between a few days to a fortnight to produce. We request you factor this time in before placing your order to ensure you give yourself plenty of time for your item/s to arrive.

Most of our made to order items are manufactured in Melbourne, however some are made overseas. This can impact shipping times.

Think of it like the fun old days. Grab a cup of tea and hunker down while the stagecoach slowly brings you your funky stuff.


Shipping and tracking my order

Most orders come with a tracking number. You will receive that in your email or as a text once the product has been registered with the shipping agent by the manufacturer. 

Depending on which shipping method you chose, maybe a lil less time. Shipping costs and timelines are outside of our jurisdiction and are regulated by the postal world itself. 

Depending on some carriers we are unable to track your order for you, past a certain point. Please contact your local postal service with your tracking number for up to date information. 

Other reasons to contact your postal service:

  • Package didn't arrive, but shows delivered via tracking number. 
  • Your shipping address was entered incorrectly during checkout but your package has already been shipped out. 

Once an order is shipped, it is out of our hands. We cannot refund orders that have been stolen from your doorstep (because we weren't there... we don't know you're not drinking from your fungal mug whilst claiming it never arrived.) We just can't know! We have to trust tracking.  


WAAC's return policy

Thanks for your support! We love it when you rock our merch and it supports our work. It's important to remember that most of the items in our store are made to order. This means when you purchase an item through us, that order is made just for you. 

We ask that you double check your sizes with the size charts provided and colour options on drop downs BEFORE you purchase. If you catch an error right after you order you can message us and we can try to fix it before it's created and shipped- no problem.

But if you get order something in a size that does not suit you to your liking, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or do exchanges for another size. Our manufacturer will say "Nope, that's what they ordered and that's what they get." We also done have other stock to exchange it with.



As our merch is made to order, we cannot exchange or return items based on sizing, or because you want another item. 

We are happy to send you a replacement of your exact order if the order arrived broken, the package contains the wrong items entirely, or your item has some crazy defect.

Email us photos along with your order number and we will 100% make sure you get the goods as soon as possible. It's rare, and we never want it to happen to you.